A mother about to start insulin shots because her diabetes was so out of control… who was out of work and hated cooking.

What was a loving daughter to do?  I started cooking for her twice a week, freezing leftovers for future meals.  Within a year she lost 60 lbs without ever feeling as if she were missing out or having to exercise enormous self-control.  A few years later, with this blog, I hope to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned, as well as my successes and failures as I create new recipes.

These days I only have time to cook at Mom’s house once a week most weeks, but there is still plenty of time to share many of the lessons we learned.  My cooking is a lot of experimentation and very little exact measurement.  I’ll document successes and failures here, and hopefully share some tips to help others eat healthy without going into “fad” diets.  It truly is about changing how you look at food and lifestyle.


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